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Monitor your new or existing alarm system seamlessly with our cellular Alarm Self Monitoring Package.

Information is transmitted to your device via the 4G network so will still work even if your internet and or power is interrupted.

The cost to install the cellular transmitter is $399 including GST. An annual fee of $100 will give you access to the self-monitoring App, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere using your smartphone with no additional data charges or top-up fees.
Download the Self Monitoring App
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Manage Sites

Manage sites and view events. Identify specific users arming or disarming and other critical information from your alarm system.

Output Controls

Control outputs to arm and disarm your alarm, open or close your garage or many other devices remotely.

User & Zone Descriptions

Assign custom descriptions and user names to alarm zones and users.

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Radionet Manage sites.png
Push Notifications

Receive push notifications when users control outputs, arm or disarm your alarm and alarm activations.

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