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BOSCH 3000 Security ALARM Systems

BOSCH 3000 & Hines Back to Base Monitoring for the ultimate in home security.

You’ve worked hard for the things that you own. Your home is your sanctuary. If an intruder breaks in, the loss you feel is not just about the items destroyed or stolen - what you lose is peace of mind and that sense of security that your home once provided. The Solution Alarm Series from Bosch Security has all the technology it needs to identify intruders to your home, without being hard to use. It’s reliable home security at your fingertips, and helps protect the things you love.

It’s your home... the alarm should work your way.

The Solution 2000 & 3000 intrusion panels have a variety of codepad options that allow you to tailor the user experience to your style and your home.

Touchscreen Keypad

The Touchscreen codepads allow you to turn your intrusion panel into a true lifestyle product with a variety of simple to use and aesthetically pleasing options and additional features listed below:

  • Intuitive & easy to use

  • Built in Bluetooth

  • Single press arming of alarm system

  • Connect to your local WiFi network for upgrades, future app integration, sharing your images to your touch screen online

  • 8GB of storage built in

  • Show a photo slideshow during Standby mode

  • Provides a graphical interface to the major functions of a Solution 2000 or 3000 alarm panel

  • View status information of your system and perform common actions from the Home Screen

  • Available in Landscape

  • MicroSD Card slot is also available for adding more photos

  • Resistive touch making cleaning your keypad easy

Bosch TXT keypad.jpg
TS5 (1).jpg
Touchscreen kitchen.jpg
LCD Alphanumeric Keypad

The LCD Alphanumeric codepad displays information in real text allowing you to quickly identify the cause of any alarm, and even to control multiple household areas simultaneously (such as separating the main house and an external garage or shed).

Quad PIR Sensor

These detectors use two individual sensors that operate like two PIRs in one detector. Each sensor processes signals separately. Both must activate to generate an alarm signal. This improves false alarm immunity relative to a standard PIR, because false alarm sources such as noise spikes and small animals are ignored. Quad detectors also provide superior catch performance versus a standard PIR or dual-technology detector. They are particularly well suited for challenging installation situations; for example, cases where cross catch of intruders cannot be guaranteed or where intruders are able to cross the detection pattern very quickly

Pet Friendly PIR Sensor

The Bosch Pet Friendly detectors use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and microwave detection technologies with advanced signal processing. These detectors generate alarms for human intruders without generating false alarms for pets. These small unobtrusive detectors are simple to install and can support up to 45KG.

Bosch pir.jpg
Bosch alarm kit.jpg
Ready for the wireless world? 

Enjoy easy control of your Solution 2000 intrusion panel with the flexibility of wireless keyfobs that allow you to arm & disarm your system, control external outputs and even trigger a panic alarm if you are unable to reach the panel’s codepad.

Alternatively, experience the true power of wireless with the Solution 3000 which includes the option to integrate with the Bosch RADION range of wireless transmitters. With a growing suite of wireless products such as motion sensors, door & window reed switchs, and remote keyfobs, Bosch RADION will create new options for how you manage your home security.

Home security... at your fingertips.

Away from home and want to make sure you armed the alarm? Want to open the garage door but the kids have hidden the remote? Just load up the Bosch Remote Security Control Plus1 app and you’ll have full control of your intrusion panel through your AndroidOS or IOS smartphone. Arm and disarm your system, trigger outputs to run external devices (such as roller doors, air conditioning units, or smart lighting systems), or simply check what time the kids left in the morning for school – all of these features and more and built in to the intuitive and quick Bosch RSC + app.

Tomorrow’s communications, available today


With large-scale broadband communications already a reality in Australia and New Zealand, and the installation of services such as the National Broadband Network, knowing how your intrusion panel is going to handle and report alarms is becoming increasingly important.

While offering the same telephone line capabilities as existing intrusion panels, the Solution 3000 also has available a range of communications extension modules that integrate directly with the panel and provide options such as mobile communications via the GSM & GPRS networks, along with IP reporting through the Internet. Enjoy the higher security of polled monitoring with no call costs.

Bosch Sol3000.jpg
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