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Your Auckland alarm monitoring EXPERTS

Back to Base Monitoring

Reduce premiums with all major insurance companies

Neighbours will often ignore a security alarm going off...

With Back to Base monitoring from Hines Security you have the peace of mind knowing that 24/7 365 days someone will be alerted to the alarm going off and action will be taken. Even if the homeowner is overseas, a security guard can be sent to site to secure the premises. 

Security for your home or business and back-to-base alarm monitoring may also be of benefit to you by reducing your insurance premiums. Your insurer will see your property as being less at risk of a break-in, and you less at risk of making a claim. Check with your insurance provider if this available to you.

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Monitor any currently installed alarm system seamlessly with our GPRS Alam Self Monitoring Package.

Information is transmitted to your device via the 3G network so will still work even if your internet and or power supply is interrupted.


Traditionally, alarms have relied on old PSTN or analogue copper phone lines to send signals to monitoring stations or to make calls to mobile phones. They can’t do this using VoIP or internet-based phones, so we have to look into other options:

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