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We supply and install

Provision ISR CCTV Surveillance Systems


Provision-ISR, an Israeli CCTV manufacturer founded in 2007, continually responds to the diversified demands of the global surveillance market.

Its cameras and recorders are packed with essential features and the latest analytic capabilities, whilst still providing outstanding value.

Once footage is captured, their complimentary class-leading App ‘CAM2’ and PC software, provide easy ways to check real time or recorded events worldwide.

It’s as easy as swiping your phone screen or clicking your mouse.

4 Channel PoE NVR

Provision-ISR’s 4 channel Network Video Recorder is used to process and store high quality footage from up to four connected IP (internet protocol) cameras.

Storage is easily configured to provide video evidence when you need it.

When connected to the internet via a secure Provision-ISR hosted service, enabled analytic cameras can send you real time notifications of events you

need to know about, when you need to know them.

2Mp & 5Mp Gimble Cameras

Apart from their deterrent effect against criminal activity, these cameras provide cost-effective high-resolution images both day and night. Inbuilt infrared illuminators allow these cameras to record footage in complete darkness, helping to protect your property 24/7.

When viewed on Provision-ISR’s Smartphone App, you’ll be able to use the ‘expand fingers gesture’ to make best use of this high-resolution technology.

5Mp (2).png
Monitor from your Smartphone with Cam2.

Full control over your devices including live view, playback, fisheye, face recognition & push notifications.

Apple App.jpeg
Cam2 Icon.png
Google Play.png

Power over Ethernet passes electric power along with data over twisted Ethernet cabling (known as ‘CAT’X). Provision-ISR NVRs come with embedded PoE to power their IP camera range. This simplifies installation keeping labour costs to a minimum.


Wide Dynamic Cameras

Wide Dynamic (WDR) cameras are designed to provide clear images even with big differences in light levels within a picture i.e. viewing someone entering a garage or workshop from a bright day outside. Cameras without WDR may only see a shadow-like shape without any real detail, as it appears within a bright background. WDR cameras are able to overcome this limitation helping to provide sharp images even in high contrast.

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